Rallybound's ticket builder allows administrators to create tickets, with fields and options, to set up their campaign exactly as they want it. The ticket builder includes the ability to:

The ticket builder is intuitive and fluid, and saves changes on the front end as they are made in the back end. It is accessible in the left sidebar of the campaign admin panel. You can also create standalone ticketing pages in the admin to run a ticketing campaign.

Using the Ticket Builder 

The Tickets List

Here is where you can create new tickets, and view all your existing tickets in a list. For each ticket you can view its name, description, expiration date, price, and available quantity (these are called "Ticket Properties"). Ticket quantity can be set to unlimited by keeping the quantity field empty. The tickets in this list can be reordered with simple drag and drop (an open ticket cannot be reordered). To modify a ticket, simply click on it. Click on "View Ticket Page" button to view your ticketing page.  

Editing a Ticket

Once you click to open a ticket, it displays all the properties in editable fields. Below that, it lists all the fields associated with the ticket. Fields can be reordered through drag and drop. You can add a new field by clicking the "Add Field" button at the bottom. There are six field types: 

Once you are done editing a ticket, you can click "Done" at the top right (you can even simply open a different ticket), and your changes will be saved. You can also activate/deactivate or delete tickets by clicking on "Activate/Deactivate" or "Delete" at the top right. Once a ticket has been submitted by a user on the front-end, it may not be deleted.

Editing a Field

Editing a field is relatively straightforward: for text, paragraph, checkbox, and date, just enter the field name. Most field types can be made required by checking the "Required" checkbox next to "Field Options" (not available for checkbox fields). 

For dropdown and multi-select fields, enter the field name, then add the available options from which users can make their selection. Options can be reordered using the drag handle on the left, and dropping them into the desired order. Options can also be hidden (click the eye icon) or deleted (click the trash icon).

Once you are done editing a field, you can click "Done" at the top right of the field or ticket (you can even simply open a different field or ticket, or add a new field), and your changes will be saved. Once a field or option has been used in a submission by a user on the front-end, it may not be deleted.

Your Tickets

Be sure to check your front-end site to verify that your tickets are as you want them to be. Click on the "View Ticketing Page" button to see all your tickets on the front-end.