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Rallybound allows administrators to edit many details of a donation, including refunding it. Follow these steps to refund a donation:

  1. Sign in to your campaign admin panel (
  2. In the left sidebar, click "Donations"
  3. Find and select the donation you'd like to refund or delete (you can also locate the donation by using the search bar)
    1. If you would like to delete the donation record from Rallybound but not refund the donation itself, click "Delete in the top of the donation record, then click "Yes" to confirm. If you already deleted a donation and would like to refund it, please see here.
    2. If you would like to refund the donation and delete the donation record from Rallybound, click "Refund and Delete", then "Yes" to confirm.

Note: If you refund a donation through your payment processor, the donation will still show up on your site (in goals, recent donations, and reporting) until you delete the donation record from the admin panel following the steps above.