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Note: As of 10/27/2018, this feature has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

Rallybound On-Site allows organizations to track attendees, register new attendees, and accept donations live at their event. On-Site is a web-app that optimizes the admin panel for tablets, so if you have a tablet, an internet connection, and admin access, you can use On-Site. 

To use Rallybound On-Site, visit https://[ your rallybound site ]/admin in a browser on your tablet of choice, and click the On-Site tab on the left.

Track Attendees

In the attendance module there are two columns. On the left are people who are not checked in, and on the right are people who have already checked in. Check-in attendees by tapping the gray box next to their name. You can find attendees by scrolling through the app, or searching for their name in the search bar at the top of the list.





Register new attendees

Register attendees in the second module by entering the user's information and clicking "Register".

Accept Donations

Accept donations through PayPal Here. You will need the PayPal Here credit card reader and app. You can select the donation recipient, the donor, and other donation information. When you click "Pay with PayPal Here", you will be directed to the PayPal Here app to complete the transaction. Once there, simply swipe the card and press "Done". The donation will count towards the recipient's goal, as well as that of the campaign, and the donor and donation information will be accessible in admin reports.