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This article refers to Rallybound's recurring system, as distinct from those processed through WePay. For information on our WePay recurring system, please see here.

Some technical details related to recurring plans and donations:

Interval Details

Next interval charges occur on the same day as, and within an hour of, the initial charge. In the event that the present month does not contain the day of the initial charge (e.g, the initial charge was January 31 and now it’s February), the charge will occur on the last day of the month.


If a charge fails, it is attempted 3 more times for a total of 4 times. If the charge succeeds on any attempt, the fail count resets. If the charge fails all attempts, the recurring plan is deactivated and a notification is sent to the user and the administrator.


Possible statuses for recurring plans and what they are:

  • Active: plan is processing donations correctly.
  • Suspended: plan is not processing donations due to being paused by an administrator or donor. It can be resumed to continue processing donations.
  • Failed: plan has failed processing a donation due to some error. Contact Rallybound support to resolve.
  • Ended: plan has been ended and will no longer process donations.
  • Pending: plan is being created. If a plan is in this state for any period of time, there was some failure in creating the plan. Contact Rallybound support to resolve.

Expiring Cards

For now, Rallybound does not offer built-in contingencies for expiring credit cards. This will be added in a coming update.


The following are the permission levels for recurring access:

  • Delete: End, delete, modify plan

  • Edit: Create new, edit details/recipient, pause, reactivate

  • View: View plans

  • None: No access to Recurring Donations tab


Recurring plan activity is not reflected in the admin activity stream at this time.