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Role Registration is a feature that is currently in a closed beta, and consequently, is only available to beta testers. At this time, tools for administrators to manage their Role Registration Flow are limited. Initially, the Rallybound team is required to implement the Role Registration configuration based on an organization's specific requirements. Once the initial configuration is done, some elements of the Role Registration Flow can be managed in the Form Builder of the admin panel.

What an administrator can do (click here to view instructions on how to operate forms in the Form Builder):

  • Add, edit, and delete or deactivate individual custom fields within roles
  • Reorder fields within roles

What an administrator can't do (please contact the Rallybound team for changes of this nature):

  • Add or delete roles
  • Rename roles
  • Change name on default fields
  • Add pricing to roles or fields
  • Make roles or fields required
  • Make fields conditional
  • Add fields to the contact form

Work continues on the Role Registration Flow, and we hope to be able to open it to all of our clients soon. We'll be sure to let you know when it's available!