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  1. Log in to the admin panel
  2. Click "Discount Codes" on the left sidebar
  3. Click "Add Discount Code" in the top left of the window
  4. Title the discount code (this is not case sensitive)
  5. Indicate the amount of times a single code may be used
  6. Indicate the discount amount, either by an absolute dollar amount (e.g., 3.25), or by percentage (e.g., 35)
  7. Add an activation or expiration date (optional)
  8. Limit the discount to apply to registration AND/OR to ticket purchases. In the "On Registration" section, the discount can be applied to the whole registration or specific registration fields. In the "On Ticket" section, the discount can be applied to an entire ticket purchase, any ticket on the campaign or specific tickets in the campaign.
    Note: discount codes cannot be applied selectively to options within a single field (e.g., multi-select or multiple choice fields)
    , rather they must be applied to the entire registration field with all its included options .
  9. Enable the code only if the user is registering a minimum amount of people
  10. Click "Save" at the bottom (or "Save and New" to create another discount code)