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  1. Organization Admin Interface

    - Create, Edit security roles Assign role to Administrator 4) Administrator Profile - Change profile picture Update admin notifications List of admin notification emails 5) Activity Stream      
    Knowledge baseJul 02, 2018
  2. Recurring Donations with WePay

    information, which includes updating the credit card on file or cancelling the recurring donation. We recommend utilizing an email marketing tool like Mail Chimp … -2_14-6-7.png Once recurring donations is enabled, the following Email > Auto Responders will appear: image2018-4-2_14-8-31.png Recurring donation plans on ended
    Knowledge baseMay 01, 2019
  3. Default Security Roles

    , view and remove the record. This has implications related to issuing refunds, removing registration records, emails and other content on the Rallybound system … , if someone's name was spelled incorrectly this could be updated or Ii a donation was made to the wrong team. These rights are generally given to Event
    Knowledge baseJul 05, 2018
  4. Fundraiser Dashboard

    Call to action buttons for quick team building and email actions Recent donations list A task list to walk fundraisers through activities which will help … can access all their tools, from email to reports. Please click below to find out more about each tool: Fundraising Page Email Contact Book Share (via
    Knowledge baseDec 07, 2018
  5. Campaign Dictionary - Global Terms

    updates. Below are the "Global" terms for Rallybound.   Global – Blog Term Only applies if you are using Rallybound’s static blog feed, which means you … ”. Global – Promote Email – Default Greeting Pre FirstName Refers to how Fundraisers will greet their contacts once they select a template.  By default
    Knowledge baseMar 19, 2018
  6. How to Log in as Fundraiser

    can do themselves. To protect your fundraisers’ privacy, the following resources remain inaccessible to the logged-in administrator: Email Contact Book Share (Social Connections) Account Details/Profile section (administrators can still update these details from the admin panel; see here and here
    Knowledge baseDec 07, 2018
  7. How to add administrators

    instruction set) In the Administrator interface, click the big red plus (+) button In the ensuing lightbox, enter one or multiple email address of administrators you'd like to add Once you have entered the correct email address(es), click the "Enter" key to confirm the email address(es). Tip! Add a personal message
    Knowledge baseMay 29, 2019
  8. Campaign Dictionary - Page Text - Quick Registration

    updates. Below are the Campaign Dictionary entries related to Quick Registration.  Page Text - Quick Registration Page - Button Text For Quick Registration … by the GREEN BRACKETS. By default, states “See Site for Current Definition”. The text actually reads “You will receive an email with a link to your Quick Registration
    Knowledge baseJan 15, 2019
  9. How to hide fundraising or team page

    ) Inactive: hidden from the website entirely, accessible only by the fundraiser and administrators. Additionally, email tools are disabled. 4) Pending … to update. This will display a pop-up display. 3) Click Edit button on the pop-up to start making the changes. 4) Scroll down to "Is Fundraiser" section and select
    Knowledge baseApr 19, 2018
  10. Google Analytics for Role Registration

    . Account Creation The first step of registration in Role Registration is account creation. This includes two steps: Enter an email address: When the user clicks … Self’ Label: ‘Passed’ Value: 0 Pageviews are pushed to Google Analytics for each step as the URL dynamically updates. These are as follows: '/start
    Knowledge baseMar 07, 2019