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  1. How to add administrators

    instruction set) In the Administrator interface, click the big red plus (+) button In the ensuing lightbox, enter one or multiple email address of administrators you'd like to add Once you have entered the correct email address(es), click the "Enter" key to confirm the email address(es). Tip! Add a personal message
    Knowledge baseMay 29, 2019
  2. Donor Accounts

    ways through which a donor account can be created. Those include: Post-donation registration Through a link in the donation confirmation email … -donation registration options, please click here. Confirmation Email Link By default, a link that allows the donor to create an account is included in the below
    Knowledge baseMay 12, 2019
  3. Donation Pledges

    PM.png In either of these two scenarios, a dedicated pledge autoresponder is sent to the donor (assuming the donation was entered with the donor's email address). This autoresponder is accessible in the admin panel, under Email > Autoresponders > Donation Pledge Confirmation. Some notes: The email is sent regardless
    Knowledge baseJul 01, 2019
  4. Client Launch Checklist

    questions for Role Registration (or Detailed Registration) If applicable, customize the registration waiver text Communications Whitelist your email domain to avoid your emails being rejected Add a contact email at which to receive email notifications regarding campaign progress Customize admin emails
    Knowledge baseJul 05, 2019
  5. Placeholders _ @TeamRallyBound.pdf

     Jul, 2016 at 5:38 PM Placeholders allow you to compose highly personalized emails and social shares to contacts. When you insert a  placeholder, RallyBound’s template system automatically generates emails and social shares with information  appropriate for each specific recipient. Placeholders also add flexibility
    Knowledge base / … / PlaceholdersAug 23, 2016
  6. PDF Attachments

    autoresponder email. The specific auto-responders are listed below: Offline Donation Verified Online Donation Confirmation Registration Member Registration (role reg … Email > PDF Receipt. This feature was built as a way to provide tax receipts, but it may be used for other purposes. So, by default, the template includes
    Knowledge baseMay 16, 2019
  7. Auto Responders

    Auto responders are emails that are automatically generated and sent based on specific criteria. For example, when a new user signs up, they will receive a congratulatory email, with some next steps. Using the power of placeholders, emails can be personalized with detailed information specific to the recipient
    Knowledge baseJul 07, 2018
  8. How to resend an auto responder

    You can resend a confirmation or receipt email by following these steps: Log in to your admin panel ( Click Email > Sent Auto Responders in the sidebar Locate and select the relevant email (you can sort by name or date, or even filter by known information) Click Resend at the top of the window
    Knowledge baseAug 25, 2016
  9. Returning Users

    to the registration page with their information pre-populated. ReturningUserPage.jpg Registration When a recognized email is entered during quick registration, a popup … the popup and registers instead, they are prompted to enter their existing password (as opposed to creating a new one). If their email and password match
    Knowledge baseFeb 28, 2019
  10. How to change my admin login password

    Forgot Password under the login panel and enter the admin user email. This will send password reset instructions to your email. Click on the link in the email and set your new password. After the password is set, go back to the login screen and enter your email along with the new password
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016