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  1. Administrator Contact Email

    You can manage your Rallybound contact email addresses, to set the "From" address in the campaign's correspondences, and to indicate which email address … (at Click "Settings" and then "Campaign Settings" in the left sidebar In the "Email Options" section, enter the "From" address in "Admin (from) Email Address
    Knowledge baseMar 19, 2018
  2. How to send an email (instructions for administrators)

    Staying in touch with your users is a good tool with which to inspire people to raise even more for your organization. There are two ways to send emails through Rallybound (not including Fundraiser emails or Auto Responders).  1) Rallybound allows administrators to send emails directly from the admin panel through
    Knowledge baseAug 26, 2018
  3. Email Header and Footer

    Email headers and footers allows organizations to brand all emails sent out using their Rallybound site. Administrators can set up their email header and footer image in the admin panel, under Email > Email Header and Footer.  For best results, we recommend your image be as small as possible. In any case, image width
    Knowledge baseMar 19, 2018
  4. Fundraiser instructions on how to send an email

    in the pop-up window (select “Accept” where applicable) When the pop-up closes, click “next” in the main window lightbox   Send email Select the contacts you’d like to send an email to (you can see the last time they donated by hovering over the donate icon) Click “Actions”, then “Send” (this will take you
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016
  5. Fundraiser instructions on how to create an email template

    Fundraiser email templates allow fundraisers to preset and reuse often-used emails. This precludes the need to rewrite the same email multiple times. An emailEmail" in the left sidebar  Type and edit the subject line and email content for your email template Click “Save Template”, enter Template name, and click
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016
  6. How to change the registrant email address

    Administrators can change the email address of an existing registrant through the contact record. Please follow the steps below : 1) Go to the admin panel > People Contacts tab 2) Find the registrant's contact record 3) Update the Email address field and click Save. You can also search for the registrant
    Knowledge baseOct 03, 2017
  7. How to edit donation or registration email receipt

    To edit donation/registration email receipt, please follow these steps: Go to the admin panel Navigate to Emails > Auto-Responders tab. Open the "Online Donation Confirmation" and "Registration Confirmation" email template. Make the necessary edits. Please see How to edit an auto responder
    Knowledge baseApr 06, 2018
  8. How to create a default fundraiser email template (instructions for administrators)

    Fundraiser email templates allow fundraisers to reuse often-used emails that they send to their contacts (potential donors). This precludes the need to rewrite the same email multiple times. If a template is set by an administrator, it becomes available globally to all fundraisers as a default template. This gives
    Knowledge baseAug 25, 2016
  9. How to modify an email address after registration

    Registrant may change their email address in the fundraiser dashboard by following these steps: Log in to your account  Click "My HQ" at the top right of the page Click "Edit Account Details" near the profile image Change email address Click "Save
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016
  10. Fundraiser instructions on how to send a thank you email to a donor

    To easily send thank-you emails to donors, follow these steps: Log in to your fundraiser dashboard by clicking the "My HQ" link in the top right Click "My Fundraising Report" in the left sidebar Locate the donor/donation you'd like to thank, and click "Send Email" (If the donor didn't submit their email address
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016