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At Rallybound we believe that user information should be easily accessible and managed. To that end, we have designed our templates to present the user information front and center.

On some sites, users access their profile section from within their HQ, by clicking on the "Edit Account Details" link. On newer sites, users can access their information from the top right of any page on the site. When a user is logged in, two icons will be displayed on the top right: the user's profile image and a grid icon.

Profile Dropdown

The profile image in the top right drops down to reveal the user's information, a link to the profile section, a list of managed users, and a logout button. Clicking the profile button directs the user to the profile section, while clicking a managed user changes the logged in user.

Profile Dropdown

My Campaigns Dropdown

The grid icon in the top right drops down to reveal the user's campaigns (fundraising pages). At the very top of the list is the page associated with the present campaign site. If the user doesn't have a page on the present site, a "Register for this campaign" button will show. Below that is listed pages associated with other campaign sites, assuming the user created pages on multiple sites.

Each campaign card has two links: the title links to the actual fundraising page, while the "Dashboard" button links to the fundraiser dashboard or HQ. The "View all" link below the list directs to the My Campaigns tab in the profile section.

My Campaigns Dropdown

Profile Section

In the profile section, the user can navigate between three tabs: Profile, My Campaigns, and Notifications.

The Profile tab contains the user's personal and contact information, all of which can be edited in this location.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Address
  • Phone number

Profile Tab

The My Campaigns tab displays campaign cards for each of the campaigns (fundraising pages) the user has created on the organization. The user can navigate to any of their campaigns from this location, much like the My Campaigns dropdown.

Note that the text below the title represents the campaign name. If two campaigns have the same name, it may be difficult for user's to differentiate between their pages on those campaigns. We recommend naming campaigns in a way that will minimize confusion. Also note that pages on delisted campaigns will also appear in this section. If you would like to ensure a campaign does not appear here, that campaign should be ended in the admin. See more on ending campaigns here.

My Campaigns Tab

The Notifications tab allows the user to determine whether they would like to receive notifications from each of the campaigns in which they are participating. If a user indicates that they do not want to receive communications for a given campaign, they will be removed from Rallybound's email list and will not receive any “Admin Emails” or “Auto-Responders” (which includes registration confirmation and donation receipts) from that campaign.

Notifications Tab


A Video Tutorial for user profile can be viewed here