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If posts are not showing up in Facebook, check your auto-post settings in the fundraiser dashboard to ensure it is set to post correctly.
If all the settings look correct, it is possible that permissions to the Facebook app have been revoked. Try removing the app from your fundraiser dashboard and Facebook, then reconnecting. To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your fundraiser dashboard (log in to your campaign site, click "My HQ" at the top right)
  2. Click "Social Auto-Post" in the left sidebar
  3. Click the "x" next to the Facebook connection
  4. Log into your Facebook account
  5. Navigate to Settings > Apps
  6. Locate your campaign's app, click the "x" next to it, and confirm
  7. Return to fundraiser dashboard > Social Auto-Post
  8. Click "Connect" on the Facebook button, and confirm