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At Rallybound, we understand that different organizations might have different needs when it comes to the user registration process. For example, some organizations might want to include product and pricing details in the process, while others may want a simple, one-step action. To accommodate all the options, we provide multiple flexible registration options for organizations to choose from and deploy to their users. 


Detailed Registration

See a demo of this option here:

This is a 4 step process:


  1. The user enters personal information
  2. Creates or joins a team (or neither) with Team Builder
  3. May register as an attendee (with accompanying options), and has the ability to add members to their team or account
  4. Pays (if applicable)

When using this option, users automatically get a personal fundraising page, however they may choose whether they will be attending. Additionally, with this option, administrators can require users to register as attendees in order to create an account.

Quick Registration

See a demo of this option here:

This is a single step process that captures a user's name and email address. Once they've signed in, users automatically get a personal fundraising page, and (depending on registration options), are walked through the rest of the process. In this option, users are able to bypass the register-to-attend (RSVP) process.


New Registration Process (COMING SOON)

This is something of a combination between our two options. Creating an account is a single step process, after which the user is taken through a short, intuitive process to set up their account, either as a fundraiser, an attendee, or both.


Detailed Sign Up

Quick Sign Up