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At Rallybound, we strive to provide designs that are modern, clean, and forward-looking on whatever device a user may be using. To that end, we provide various options for how a given site should be displayed on mobile devices. The options are:

  1. Desktop Site
  2. Mobile Optimized
  3. Responsive


Desktop Site

This is the simplest option, in which a site looks the same on mobile as it does on the desktop. For a user to effectively use this website on mobile, they will need to zoom in and out to tap buttons and enter text in fields, etc.


Mobile Optimized

In this option, we recreate a given website in the form of a web-app. This completely changes the look and feel of the website, but it still uses the logo and colors of your choice.


Responsive Design

Responsive design describes a website that automatically resizes, collapses, and re-displays its content based on browser size. In a responsive design, the website will have the exact same elements, and a similar look, whether being viewed on a desktop or mobile.