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As with Rallybound's other registration flows, registrants are managed by the administrator in the admin panel, under People > Registrants. However, there are some key differences in how the information is displayed for role registration campaigns:

  • Each role is displayed as a column in the registrants grid. This allows administrators to sort and filter by specific roles, thereby giving easily accessible insight into which users registered for which roles.
  • Users who created an account (by submitting the registration page) but didn't complete their registration have no associated roles. In the registrants grid all roles will be turned off for these registrants. In addition, under the Registration Type column, these users are marked with "Account" (and similar in registrant reports). Sorting by this column in the admin panel will make it easy to identify which users did not complete their registration.
  • Invited users are differentiated by the fact that their Page Access is set to Pending. Locate these registrants by filtering the Page Access column (you may have to unhide it first). For more on invited users, click here.
  • In campaigns configured with role registration, registration records are displayed in a separate tab from donations, under Transactions > Registrations. This makes it easier to find and manipulate registration data.