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Your Rallybound transaction fees were initially disclosed when the relationship began but can decrease over time (based on online amounts raised and volume discounts awarded. If a volume discount threshold is met someone from your organization will be notified). To find your current transaction fees you will need to go into CAMPAIGN ADMIN > DONATION OPTIONS. Here the Rallybound fees will be listed. 


For those that use WePay as their payment processor, a special discount is offered for 2.2% + $.30 (additional 1% for Amex and international cards) .If you are using another payment processor you will need to find out their transaction fee independently as details are not shared with Rallybound.


If special processing is setup that does not allow you to see Donation Options you can still find out your transaction fee by following these steps:

  1. In your platform admin click on the red plus sign to create a new standalone donation or ticketing page (article and video instructions)
  2. Enter test data when asked specifics of this campaign
  3. Once the test standalone campaign is created enter the Campaign Admin and then go to Donation Options


If you decide to have donors cover processing fees, the initial checkbox to cover fees relates to the Rallybound fee only. The second box refers to your payment processor. For additional information look at this article. To calculate fees please visit this article.