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At Rallybound, we take the security and integrity of our donation processing pages very seriously. We are aware of the unfortunate reality in the industry that unprotected donation pages are sometimes seen as prime targets for criminals to test the validity of stolen credit card information. To thwart such activity, Rallybound donation and ticketing pages include the ability to add a reCAPTCHA field (see below) whenever malicious activity is suspected. This allows the system to distinguish human input from machine input, thereby preventing malicious activity.

For this purpose, Rallybound utilizes reCAPTCHA, which is simultaneously very secure and simple for users, maximizing security while minimizing interface hurdles donors might be required to go through. In most cases, reCAPTCHA will simply prompt the user to check a checkbox, after which its algorithms will determine if the user is a human. If such a determination cannot be made, the system will present letters/images for the user to identify as in traditional CAPTCHA systems. Click here for information about reCAPTCHA.

To enable this feature, please contact Rallybound Support. Once this feature is turned on, the reCAPTCHA field will appear when our proprietary algorithm suspects the user of being non-human. If you would like to set your own default parameters around this or would like the reCAPTCHA to appear automatically after every submission, please let us know.