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This article refers to Rallybound's recurring system, as distinct from those processed through WePay. For information on our WePay recurring system, please see here.

For now, setting up recurring donations requires configuration from the Rallybound team, so please contact us if you'd like to configure recurring donations. Our recurring donations system currently supports the following processors:

  • FirstPay
  • Vantiv (litle)

Once your campaign is configured, administrators can toggle the recurring option in the admin panel, under Settings > Campaign Settings > "Enable Monthly Recurring Payments". By default, the recurring donation charge interval is monthly, however, Rallybound can configure your donation page to allow donors to choose from specified intervals.

Once your campaign is configured to accept recurring donations, the campaign's donation page will display a checkbox prompting the donor to "Charge me this amount every month". If the donor selects the checkbox, the amount-box and total (near the donate button) change to reflect that it is a monthly gift.

Select the recurring checkbox by default

It is possible to configure your site so that the recurring checkbox is enabled by default. This can be done in a few ways, depending on your implementation:

  • Before sharing the link to your donation page, add "?recur=true" to the end of the web address (if there's already a question mark in the web address, use "&recur=true" instead).
  • If you are embedding your donation page, you can add the same parameter to your embed code.
  • To have the recurring checkbox selected by default for all donors (even those without the specialized link), please contact us.