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Champion Campaigns allow fundraisers to create full-fledged campaigns within which they can accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages advocates to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own acquaintances for exponential growth.

Champion Campaigns in the Admin

Champion Campaigns are full-fledged campaigns that appear in the Org Admin just like any other campaign. In that vein, administrators with the correct permissions have full access to Champion Campaigns and can modify them as they would any other campaign (aside from the Campaign Settings tab, which is hidden from Champion Campaigns).

Upon creation, Champion Campaigns are added to a specified group in the Org Admin (see below), though they may be moved manually after they are created. 

Champion Campaigns are identified by an orange person+megaphone icon, and can be filtered out of the list view using the standard filter feature above the campaigns list.

In the campaign details view, the Champion creator will be listed under the campaign type, with a link to their registrant record on the Champion's parent campaign.

Champion Campaigns can be published, delisted, replicated, ended, and relaunched just like any other campaign, though replicating and relaunching does not associate the new campaign with the Champion who created the original.

 Note about amounts displayed in the Org Admin

When calculating amount raised in the Org Admin, the total amount raised on a Champion Campaign will appear on the Champion Campaign itself as well as on the parent campaign. For example, if the Champion Campaign raised $500, that amount will appear on the Champion Campaign. If the parent raised $1,000 independent of all Champion Campaigns, it will display a total amount raised of $1,500, including its own amount and the amount raised by its Champion Campaigns. However, the group that houses the parent campaign will omit the additional amount from the parent campaign, instead pulling that amount directly from the Champion Campaign. In our example above, the group will also display $1,500, as that's the true total of the parent ($1,000) and the Champion Campaign ($500). This gets a little more complicated if a Champion Campaign is moved out of its group — in this scenario, the parent will still display $1,500 (including the Champion amount), but the parent's group will display only $1,000, reflecting the amount raised by the parent alone. For this and other reasons, moving Champion Campaigns out of their designated group is highly discouraged.


A fundraiser who creates a Champion Campaign is called a "Champion". Champions are recognized by the system as a type of administrator. Consequently, Champions manage their campaigns through the Admin Panel and the front end site editor, just like any other administrator on any other campaign. However, Champions access the Admin Panel differently than regular administrators in that they do not navigate to to log in to their Admin Panel. Rather, they can only access the Admin Panel by clicking the "Manage" button that is displayed on the Champion Campaign card that appears in their Fundraiser Dashboard. Similarly, Champions do not show up as administrators in the Org Admin administrator list at all.


As a type of administrator, Champions by default receive administrator notifications for all activity that happens on the Champion campaign they created. Champions can manage whether to receive these notifications in their user profile section, under Notifications, by simply ticking or unticking the checkbox next to their Champion Campaign.

The notification emails that the Champion receives are Rallybound's standard admin email notifications, custom-branded by dynamically populating the organization's logo in place of Rallybound's. These emails are not editable. Emails that are relevant to the Champion include:

  • Donation Notification
  • Ticket Purchased Notification
  • Registration Notifications
  • Goal and Page Change Notifications


A default security role determines which elements of their campaign Champions are able to manage. This role appears in the Org Admin Security Roles tab, and is called "Champion". Administrators can configure this role to restrict or allow elements of the Admin Panel to Champions. See below for the default configuration of this role.

 Default Champion Role Permissions
  • Campaigns: Edit
  • Transactions: Edit
  • Admin users: None
  • People
    • Contacts: None
    • Donors: Edit
    • Registrants: Edit
    • Teams: Edit
    • Member Merge: None
    • Log in as user: None
  • Email
    • Send Emails: Delete
    • Admin Email Templates: None
    • Fundraiser Email Templates: None
    • Auto Responders: None
    • Custom Auto Responders: None
    • Header and Footer: None
    • PDF Receipt Template: None
    • Pending Admin Emails: None
    • Sent Admin Emails: Delete
    • Sent Auto Responders: None
  • Settings: None (this tab is completely unavailable on Champion Campaigns)
  • Registration Fields: None
  • Discount Codes: None
  • Site Content
    • FAQs: None
    • Sponsors: None
    • Blog Feed: None
    • Media Library: None
    • Edit Content on Site: Edit
    • Personal Page Defaults: None
  • Ticket Builder: Delete
  • Form Builder: None
  • Reports: None
  • On Site: None
  • Admin API: None
  • Causes: None


For security reasons, the Champion campaign site's text editor is restricted to specific styles and tags for Champion fundraisers.

Deleting a Champion

Champions can be deleted like any other registrant from the Registrants tab in the Champion parent campaign. However, a Champion may not be deleted if any Champion campaign they created are active. To delete a Champion, first end all related Champion campaigns, and then follow the standard steps to delete a registrant.